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Welcome to my blog. The idea is to post a mixture of my news, some thoughts on teaching EFL and practical activities for the classroom. Feel free to comment on anything you see here.

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Tim, I´ve had some classes with you, here in Salvador, Bahia. It was the OTA - Brazil - 2010 and I got happy to see you again. Last year I couldn´t come. This year it was wonderful to see you again and have a marvelous opportunity to listen to you, to have this course and the pleasure to hear such a good teacher and enjoyable guy you are, besides being a kind of funny boy...and in a succsessful way you put your ideas across.It was everybody´s comments about you!!! Thanks a lot for providing good moments for teachers in Bahia Nádia Prazeres - English Teacher. I asked you your email, but I couldn´t take it! Great I found your blog and see your ideas all the time!!! My email and msn is: I would be so happy if I could practice English with you through net!! Lots of kisses to you. See ya. Nádia
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